These strawberry champagne cupcakes were a long haul in the kitchen, but they sure were worth it. I absolutely love, love the champagne cake and the strawberry filling. Brunch was Saturday, so I made the cake on Friday along with the filling, frosting and candied strawberries. I started around 11 a.m. and by 2 p.m. everything was set to be put together the next day. In the future I think I would make and serve these cupcakes on the same day. Or maybe I should get some sort of air tight container.


Anyway halfway through putting the final touches of strawberry filling, champagne frosting and candy toppings with the lovely Beth, I realized I loved the filling much more than than the frosting. (Something about the champagne was weirdly reminiscent of Barbies and plastic baby dolls from childhood. Or maybe PollyPocket.) So I started slicing the cakes in half and filling it with the strawberry gelatin and skipping the frosting bits.

Honestly I was so distracted by the memory of 1980s plastic I couldn’t even try the champagne frosting and evaluate whether or not it was good. It’s buttercream, normally I would love it.

Then I moved onto the sangria, a combination of pinot grigio, cointreau, champagne, oranges, peaches, strawberries and raspberries and sugar. At some point during the list of fruit and sugar I should have stopped. Ava pointed out a simple recipe for lemon, strawberry sangria that I may try next. Because this first round tasted like punch. Or jungle juice. Whatever your point of reference may be.

I added in a bit of sparkling water to lighten it up.

It was good and drinky, plus it went well with the champagne cake which was exactly what I wanted.

All around it was a delicious fruity morning with friends chatting about anything and everything. I can’t wait to do it again.


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