I finally got around to making these tasty treats a la Bakers Royale.

Some days my baking mojo is just off, and unfortunately the day I made these chocolate cupcakes was one of those days.

I started off with the caramel sauce, which I chose to make on my own. It is incredibly simple and difficult at once to boil sugar. This venture was my least successful caramel making experience, and I came away with something more akin to crumbling sugar than a caramel sauce. Next time, I think I’m just going to suck it up and use corn syrup.

Next I attempted the chocolate ganache, from the caramel sauce turned candy I should’ve known better, but no I had to press on. So I heated the heavy cream, oil and butter, then I poured it on the chocolate chunks as instructed and carefully whisked the mixture together.

It came out smooth, soft and chocolatey. But truthfully I like Savory Sweet Life’s version more than the one on Bakers Royale post. I suspect the culprit here is oil, which must be used for a thinner consistency like frosting, but…I could do without the oil. I want delicious fudgey chocolate in a ganache, not a Hershey’s bar.

Clearly not learning my lesson from the botched caramel or the less than impressive chocolate, I moved on to the cake baking.

The recipe seemed simple and nicely sized for a single woman. “It makes just 12! Hallelujah! Love it! Wait…my pan only holds six. I’ll just half it and it will be fine,” I thought.

This was a decision I would come to regret many, many times. If you look at the recipe I was using, it’s already kind of odd numbers and because America does not believe in metric this wasn’t easy math. Lots of decimals, which really just became guess work and guess work is the bane of baking.

Baking is a science. Hard numbers are best. Apparently I suffer from extreme memory loss and completely forgot this equation to a baker’s paradise.

In the end, I came up with a decently savory chocolate cupcake with a bit too much sugar. The tops fell in and were also too crunchy. (Sugar!) I covered them up with some thin ganache, crunched up some pretzels, stabbed the bits of salted bread through and sprinkled with caramel crumbs.

The result surprisingly good given the three hours of grief I had suffered through. It is certainly a fork required dessert, and a delicious flavor combination I love. I strongly recommend topping of these cupcakes with pretzels and what-not right before indulging, otherwise the sticks get a bit mushy and you lose the different textures of moist cake and crisp sticks.

And bonus! Chocolate covered pretzels with the left overs!


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