Coming up

I’m torn between two ideas for this weekend’s baking extravaganza.

First are these Beer & Pretzel Cupcakes from Baker’s Royale that Stachi sent me ages ago, and I’m thinking now may just be the time to dive into. Guinness stout, chocolate, caramel and pretzels, I already know this is something I will love an absurd amount.

I want.

Next I’ve been thinking of these Drunken Oreos, which I absolutely love. But I’ve been wondering how they would work as a cupcake or cookie. I have this vision of chocolate cookies, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and port wine dripping every where. Or perhaps M’oreos with a port wine dipping sauce.

Time to get creative in the kitchen!

What are you baking this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Coming up

  1. So here’s the plan: You bake both of those things, post photos and tell us which one is best. Then I’ll know what I’m baking this weekend.

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