The Podcast Comedy Hour

Awesome comedy podcasts make my life happier and funnier. So here are some of my favorite chuckle inducing listens. All totally free and funny!

1. The Nerdist

Chris Hardwicke and a couple of his friends spend an hour or so interviewing comics, writers, actors and other creative types who come through the doors of their comic book shop. I’ve only listened to a few interviews, but I absolutely love the emphasis on “Tell us how you achieved your success.” Not the funniest, but some of the most informative.

2. The Smartest Man In The World

This one from comedian Greg Proops is awesomely hilarious and incredibly weird. I love his overview of news, politics and history through humor. Proops is always weird and always funny. Plus I feel smarter after a listen. Although he has a tendency to be long-winded, I’m comfortable with the pause button.

3. Totally Laime

My gosh, the host Elizabeth Laime is so sweet and so funny, I just want to listen to her tell stories all day. Her husband sticks around for most of the interviews, and is endearing and hilarious as well. The chemistry between the two of them is remarkable and thus remarked upon by most of their guests. Like Pop My Culture, it feels like a hilariously weird conversation among friends.

4. The Thrilling Adventure Hour

“A staged production in the style of old-time radio” is one of the fun new comedy casts, I’ve been listening to. Professional podcast whore, Paul F. Tompkins along with other comedic actors make fantastic appearances on this light, hilarious show created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. It’s the kind of comedy that just makes you feel good.


5. You Had To Be There

Comedians Sara and Nikki invite musicians, comedians and there friends to hang out and chat for a bit about life, media, humor and whatever else happens to come up. It definitely gets girly and dirty. Absolutely delightful!

What are some of your favorite funny podcasts?


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