Coffee, Chocolate, Cookie Ice Cream

It’s no surprise that when I saw the edible cookie coffee cup on NPR, I immediately began searching for a recipe. If I had to pick my favorite dessert, it would be a cookie. My favorite beverage is easily coffee, and now I know there is some magical place in the world where I can have my cookie on the outside.

Sign me up!

So next I thought about cookies, and how I don’t exactly own an awesome cup mold. However a muffin tin has a cup-ish shape, so…

More googling, which brought me to a Taste of Home recipe detailing how cookie dough could be pressed into a muffin tin, baked and used as an edible dish for ice cream.

The world does not get better, I realized. This is going to be deliciously awesome.

All of this inspiration brought me to the great cookie, coffee, chocolate experiment.

First there was the peanut butter cookie cups. I used a tried and true Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie recipe. It’s simple, easy and the cookie I grew up with so I know what to expect. Next I made a chocolate ganache using Savory Sweet Life’s recipe for the chocolate layer. Then I topped it with a scoop of coffee ice cream. (Yes, I would make it if I owned an ice cream maker.) Finally for the final taste of sweet delicious-ness on this new treat, I whipped together a little caramel topping.

Yep, so that’s all I’m going to be eating for the next six days.


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