Mockingbird Lane

When Ava let it drop that Bryan Fuller has a new show coming out, I was wildly excited. He is the mad genius behind “Pushing Daisies,” “Dead Like Me” and “Wonderfalls.” (Yes, those are links to episodes, trailers and clips because everyone who loves life a little weird, a little dark and a little funny should watch these.) Like Joss Whedon, this is a man who I will follow through any television drama just to see what delicious drama they dream up next.

So I was a bit surprised to learn “Mockingbird Lane” is a reboot of “The Munsters.” I’ve never watched the Munster family behaving monstrously because 1960s sitcoms are well before my time and on the list of things to watch this has never made a mention.  The general idea of the show seems to be outwards monstrous characters actually being good people who are hilarious.

i09 seems to think the reboot may careen terribly into disastrous darkness for all. But perhaps a nerd disaster would be a good thing. Besides am I the only person who thinks this sounds more like “inspired by ‘The Munsters'” than an actual reboot? I mean, the characters are way too pretty, the name is different and Bryan seems to care more about allegory and metaphor than the comedy.

If it’s a mistake, than perhaps for once Bryan would have a show to call his own for more than a season or two. It would be like the studios care about his baby too. And wouldn’t that be nice? Mostly I just want a Bryan Fuller show to do well, so all plot lines can be resolved and we can move on with out lives without wondering what would happen. The show is also premiering on NBC which gives me some hope that at least one network may just believe in a Bryan show long enough to let it live out all five seasons as any decent American TV show should.

The show is slated to premiere in 2013, so that gives me six or so months to dream of all the awesome ways in which Bryan’s TV show will inspire and delight me.

P.S. Jason Bateman tweeted a photo he says is from the first day of filming “Arrested Development.” (A story I won’t believe until I’m watching the next season on my laptop, even then I’m not sure anyone will be able to convince me I’m not just having the most awesome dream ever.)


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