Here we are again

It’s another Wednesday and time for this week’s round up of awesome writings on the web. But first a little treat without much in the way of words. The Retronaut has a series of pictures featuring the first Russian pig in space. Yes, the Soviets got a pig drunk, stuffed it in a cannon and blasted drunk piggy into the atmosphere. It is indeed as glorious as it sounds.

Now on to actual words, my favorite article this week in “Holy shit! What’s wrong with the world?” comes from BusinessWeek. It’s all about the tunnels under and around Nogales, Arizona and Sedona making easy work of running drugs from Mexico to the United States.  A fascinating look at what drug cartels and border patrol will do.

Next there’s this bit in the LA Times about Bain Capital and just where $37 million in start up money came from. Turns out a hefty chunk has it roots in El Salvadorian families with ties to death squads.

On to other happier, less creepy things.

Finally an explanation for all that tape covering Olympians bodies this past week or two.  A discussion about whether or not, Oscar Pistorius prosthetics give him an advantage in the running game. (Spoiler: They don’t, he still doesn’t have ankles.)

At the end of this round up let’s take a little jaunt on over to Iran, and the cinema cropping that happens there. Remember how super religious people don’t really like skin or women? Yep, they don’t. So it turns out Iran has decided to show foreign films just with some fun changes like clothes or completely erasing women or random vases to cover cleavage. I suppose that’s one way to keep the innocents safe. Now I just want to know when the some enterprising Mormon is going to begin marketing censored films.

I hope you enjoy this weeks reads just as much as I did.


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