The Big One

That’s right, everyone it’s here. My favorite time of Tuesday Travel tales.

Travel Announcement Time!!!

This is it, the big one, the one we’ve all been waiting for…HONG KONG!

My flight and hotel are booked for September 25. I will be spending two glorious weeks eating myself full of delicious street food like dim sum and noodles with the always fabulous Linda. There will be museums, bars, beaches and maybe even some shopping. Just kidding. I’ll be with Linda there will be shopping. Reading up on the the Special Administrative Region of China, has me all kinds of excited to be back in Asia.

I have missed the other side of the world so much! I can’t wait to get back there.

The only regret I have is that this is not turning into a year-long gallant around the world.

Nonetheless, I will absolutely enjoy myself in this massive metropolis on the edge of China with some seven million people.

There are lose plans to wander the city proper before making my way to some of the outlying islands for some serious beachy time with all kinds of sea food and beer. And really that’s about it. I definitely want to make my way to Victoria Peak, as the view is absolutely spectacular, but otherwise I feel pretty indifferent to the tourist parts of town.

I definitely will be breaking out the fancy heels and dresses for some Hong Kong high-life party time. And we’ll have to see what else is on the agenda for fancy time. In addition to cocktails from patios with views, I’ll also be doing my best to eat my fill of everything delicious on offer in the streets of the city. There’s also a crazy giant elevator that is just too bizarre to conceive that probably will be overly photographed by me.

Any suggestions for places to see and things to do?


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