Why didn’t you say so?

Among the many places, I’ve never been, but should go in my Utah backyard is Antelope Island.

The State Park is about 40 minutes north of Salt Lake and apparently one of the most scenic places in the state. But when I read there were beaches, I knew I had to go. Beaches need me. I need them. There are white sand beaches within an hour of my home! I must see this. I also hear the wildlife is impressive and the starry night skies breathtaking. However I must admit most of my motivation for this day trip comes from a desire to drink on a beach.

I’m also planning on taking gross clothes with me so I can attempt to swim in the Great Salt Lake because that’s a thing people do, I suppose. I’ve also never been to the lake really. So this should be interesting.

There will be beer.

There will be photos.

There will be weird smells.

I’m pretty confident the views will make up for the lake stink I anticipate. So here’s to sunny skies on my last-minute adventure to the water world. Now it’s time to get packing so I can hit the road and spend some quality time at the beach.

What last minute adventure will you have today?


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