Strawberry Lime Cupcakes

Somehow the champagne for cupcakes was polished off before the cake could ever be made.

However I still had quite a bit of strawberry and limes on hand from a brunch of margaritas, mimosas and huevos rancheros. So I found myself searching online for strawberry lime cupcakes. I came across this recipe from Your Cup of Cake. I made a few changes: cut all the ingredients in half, almond milk for butter milk and strawberries in place of jello. I can’t eat two dozen cupcakes on my own as much as I may want to. And a trip to the grocery store sounded lame so…almond milk. Which worked out fine, even though it was questionably gloppy once the lime juice was added. Finally strawberries because I had them, and that was the reason for the google in the first place.

The cupcakes took a bit more work than I anticipated, but weren’t terribly difficult. I was just envisioning a 30 minutes experiment. It took me closer to an hour, but the cake came out sweetly tart. I love the lime cake part of this recipe. I will definitely be using it again. The strawberry buttercream frosting provides a super sweet counterpoint to the tart cake. It’s definitely a summer time treat worth making.

I’m also going to suggest making candied limes to top them off before serving them to other cupcake lovers. I think the fresh lime is a little too bright and overpowering, plus no one wants to eat the rind. So as a final touch candied limes would add a nice sweet and tart topping with a little bit of chewy crunch fo some texture variance too.


One thought on “Strawberry Lime Cupcakes

  1. LOVE theses cupcakes! Thanks for sharing the recipe link. I’ve made them twice, filling the second batch with lime curd for even more tart goodness!

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