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In that slow summer way of too much TV and beer, I’ve been catching up on all the great television I missed.

Among the excellent, but no longer new shows is “Carnivale.” The show is beautifully filmed, decorated, costumed and whatever other film-related verb you can think of. It is visually stunning. And for that all the more worth checking out in my mind. The story is dark, but has these wonderfully weird moments of joy that makes the pain much more tolerable. It’s a bit heavy for marathon watching. Thus I’m only half way through it. But it’s hard to go wrong with good versus evil in a strange magical Dustbowl 1930s world.

I’ve also been s-l-o-w-l-y catching up on the “X Files” There is just so much Scully and Mulder I can handle. And in marathon form, the show gets incredibly redundant so I’m about two seasons into it, and may finish up the third season before the end of the year. It is just so much strange drama for me to handle.

Then there’s “Spaced.” Yes! A show I will sit and watch for hours! This super bizarre 90s sitcom from Britain with Simon Pegg being Simon Pegg is absolutely at the top of my delightfully weird list. I love breaking up a day of writing with little blips of bleached blond hair man yelling, British accented humor and an artist splattering “pain” on a canvas.

My recent dirty indulgent back files TV show is “Desperate Housewives.” And here I’m going to take Rikki for talking me out of forever hating a housewife anything show. Because the housewives are totally watchable. And remarkably one of the few shows to feature a nearly all female cast. I definitely see a bit of myself in Susan, Lynette and Bri. I want to steal all of Gabby’s clothes, and I can’t wait to see what mischief happens on Wisteria Lane each evening as I’m getting ready for bed. Is it trashy? Sure. Is it entertaining? Hell yes.

Finally in this drive down canceled television memory lane there is dear, sweet “Buffy.” Somehow despite all my mad love for everything Joss Whedon ever, I have not managed to watch all seven seasons of kick ass vampire slaying. I’m working on it, but it’s tough to not be distracted by how much cooler David Boreanaz is in “Angel.” Then I want to go check in on all the actors now and end up in a sea of other shows and movies, that are generally delightfully fun. (I will never forgive Boreanaz for “Bones.”)

Yes, so that’s how I’m spending my summer watching way, way too much TV. And I love it.

What other canceled wonders are you catching up on?


One thought on “Back to the archives

  1. DESPERATE 4 eva.

    Go back and watch the early seasons on Netflix. It’s totally worth it! I love that it’s a show about WOMEN’S problems and issues.

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