I swear, at some point, Foodie Fridays will actually talk about food, not booze.

But I absolutely have to share my latest beer discovery: Barley Wine Ale!

It’s called wine, it’s called ale, it has barley. What the hell is it?

These were my thoughts while I stood pondering a bottle of Uintah’s Crooked at the State Liquor Store. I scoured the label for clues and came across a description of “bourbon with hints of vanilla.” At that moment, my brain clicked to, “Awesome!”

This big beer and I were going to have to test each other out. I served it up cold in my lady beer glass, by the time it had settled I was giggling madly and snapping photos as quickly as possible. The dark amber color, the gorgeous foamy head and the delicious aromatics of citrus and vanilla coming off the top. I knew I was going to love this beer.

Crooked is a dark barley wine ale, and since it was my first of its kind, I’m going to assume that’s normal. It was definitely not a summer beer. Too much richness, weight and flavor for anything other than a snowy night. But so, so good I played along and noshed on dried cranberries, cheese and crackers while sipping my delightful beverage.

I’m thrilled to have found another beer to love, especially one called wine. I can’t wait to try out a few more in the fall.


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