Wonderful Writings and Such

This week in Writing Wednesday, I thought I would share some linky love to the great stuff on the internets worth a read.

First up is “Byliner,” a very cool collection of all the best non-fiction writing journalism has to offer for free or very cheap. I’m completely engrossed by “Damn! They Gonna Lynch Us!” by Mike Sager, written for GQ shortly after the Rodney King beating in 1991. However a good place to start is their 101 Best Stories list.

Next I’ll point you in the direction of Emily Horne and Joey Comeau at “A Softer World” because Emily first introduced me to “Byliner.” Joey’s other written works are also pretty fantastic. So if you’re feeling up to something a little weird, a little dirty, a little sexy and super sweet, check out “Lockpick Pornography.” I love Joey’s words and Emily’s artwork. Together they are doing something great in Toronto, and separately they’re still awesome.

This story about Dharun Ravi and the part he played in Tyler Clementi’s suicide is powerful and moving by Ian Parker for “The New Yorker.” It’s a riveting story that is much more complicated than one homophobic student spying on his gay roommate. (By the way, Ravi was released from prison yesterday and is on probation.)

Now after all that seriousness, it’s time for some fun and a little activity. I am enamoroed with these strawberry and champagne cupcakes from 20somethingcupcakes. All her recipes look to-die-for-delicious, and I can’t wait to get baking this weekend with a little inspiration from her.

Recently I’m giving serious thought to joining in on the Imported From Gotham City competition going on right now with Chrysler and The Dark Knight. Mostly because I want to meet Chris Nolan, not because I think I’m even close to a decent editor when it comes to film. (Any editors out there willing to give credit to a fangirl?)

Speaking of doing, did you see this article on MedicalDaily about how sometimes we become the characters we identify with in stories? Yeah, pretty amazing stuff.


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