This past weekend I set out to discover the real City Creek, not the mall, but the actual tiny body of water it is named for.

My motivation to discover something new in my own backyard kept me walking and walking. The hike started as a meandering mosey through Downtown as I set about playing with my shiny new camera. (We still aren’t 100% agreeable, but I love my new toy.) Eventually city sidewalks gave way to paved road running parallel above Memory Grove.

Eventually the pavement came to an end with a beautiful view of Salt Lake City spread out in the valley. The small city surrounded on all side by nature. Oh nature, that mother of all the world–a draw to the hikers, climbers, bikers and boarders who make SLC their home.

As I trudged along the real City Creek following a well-worn dirt path, it occurred to me, I am not one of these earth crunchers. I do not like dirt, pollen makes me sneeze, the sound of running water makes me run for a toilet. (Difficult to find in nature.) After nearly four hours of urban to rural hiking, all I really wanted was a proper cup of coffee, sandwich and indoor plumbing.


Hiking with me is an adventure in creating a great photo,  eating great food and avoiding physical overexertion. It’s been a few days and my feet still hurt. To me the best that can be said about City Creek Canyon is that it’s close to Jack Mormon Coffee.

I am not an outdoors person, I don’t know why I tried to be one. Sorry, SL,UTs you can keep your mountain scenery, dogs and toe shoes. I’ll take my iced soy mocha to go and stalk off in stilettos. This woman was not made for hiking.

Long live the couch potato!


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