How KPop Makes Everything Happy

Electric Shock took me straight back to Korean clubs and too much beer with the obnoxiously happy upbeat pop blaring from all corners. Music that will make your soul happy if it makes your inner-cynic suicidal. So much brightness in the light top sounds the costumes and all that it just takes your breath away.

Another Korean girl group made up of the cliched stereotypes of pretty princesses and grungy rappers with a name that only loosely makes sense–F(x)–is a recipe for love. (SMEntertainments says it’s a play on the math equation using flowers and feminity.) You might remember F(x) from last summer’s “Hot Summer” music video. Truthfully the two are enough like to be nearly interchangeable, but I love both of these films for their pulsing poppiness and absolute insistence on that bright is awesome and walking is dancing.

However I’m hoping some of the other tracks on their latest mini-album turn out to be just a little bit more “Nu Abo”. I’m willing to admit the happiness factor turns a little creepy here and that’s just a little more enjoyable.

F(x) Wikipedia


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