Backyard Traveler

With the decision to write full-time, I also made the decision to get by on a smaller income.

One of the sacrifices of the switch is that I will no longer be able to afford to travel as frequently, although it is now much easier for me to find the time to travel. (Weird twist, right?) Still, I want to go new places and try new things, but now I’m looking for adventures a bit closer to home. Already I’ve eaten at Caffe Mollisse, attended a comedy open mic night at the Complex and drank at Bourbon House. All were new experiences, I’m looking forward to more.

This week I’m thinking of branching out into the great outdoors. It’s not a place I go very often, and I’m not enamored by nature in the way most SL,UT dwellers evangelize. But I think a little hike along Bonneville Shoreline Trail may be in order considering I’ve spent nearly five years at the foot of the Wasatch Range and never managed to hike any of it.

Weird, I know.

I’m not trying to reconnect to nature or make peace with myself, I’m just trying to give myself the kind of experience Salt Lake has to offer to travelers who don’t dwell here. It’s time I left the city to do something other than work or flee the state.

There are definitely road trip days in my summer. I’ve been to embarrassingly few of the most famous and popular sites in this state for living here the majority of my life. Just two out of five national parks. So over the next few weeks, I’ll try to be a little more adventurous in the outdoors, even though it scares me. (Mother Nature and I have a long and disagreeable history.) Hopefully by stepping outside my comfort zone, I’ll gain a better appreciation for the place I call home.

This adventure is all about being a little more earth cruncher and a little less urbanite.

What travel adventures can you have in your backyard? Any advice for a beginner trail blazer?



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