Trixie’s Life Lessons

ImageThis past week as I ventured off into the land of full-time writing, I’ve spent most of my time at home-more time than in the past six months combined. This home time also coincided with dog-sitting, Trixie, who has taught me some pretty work from home lessons.

1. Never try to do more than one thing at a time

Trixie is an energetic Jack Russel. She is tons of fun play with and loves attention. She is also easily distracted. This results in hilarious games of fetch and tug-of-war. For example we were playing catch, she saw a squirrel and somehow managed to tangle herself up around trees and rocks to the point of barking madness until I unwrapped her leash enough for movement.

I have always sucked at multi-tasking. I like to focus on one activity, complete it and move on to the next thing. But this week, I’ve been a little more like Trixie-focusing on the ball and the squirrel and somehow ending up in a tangled mess. While adorable in puppy mishaps, not so great for professional write ups.

2. It’s okay to tell people to pay attention

Trixie’s a barker. Not in an annoying way, but in a I-really-need-you way. She barks to go in and out of the house, she barks at the suburban version of wildlife and she barks at some cars. (Not all, and I haven’t figured out why.) She also likes to bark at me and remind me I need to take a break from the screen and rub her tummy or throw the ball.

It’s pretty neat having an excellent excuse around for some break time that makes me feel better. And I just read in Atlantic that cuteness helps improve fine-motor skills. The black and white pup is making me better at writing just by giving me that you-know-you-want-play look.

3. Why walk when you can run?

Trixie is athletic. In a way that’s intimidating to my normal TV-watching, book-reading, pen-wielding self. She has ridiculous endurance and strength as evidenced by our daily walks, which really are a run. We run until I am panting so hard, she slows down. Phase two consists of going go up and down the mountain varying between slow meandering with pauses for her to do her business and full-tilt running praying no one tumbles downhill.

Basically what I’m saying is puppies are pretty awesome. I would love to have one because Trixie has been a great writing pal these past few days.

I’m going to miss her next week when I need a break and don’t have a cute thing to play with.


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