Grounded Traveler

I made some big changes (not that big) in my life this week. One of the consequences is that I will no longer travel as freely. However I am comfortable with this choice because it will allow me to grow in other ways. In the meantime I still think of myself as a traveler.

What does that mean for someone who won’t leave their home country for a year? Who will stay in one city for three months?

For me, it means continuing to explore the wold around with the same excitement, energy and enthusiasm I greet strange cities with. Part of this is a renewed commitment to discovering new things in the SL,UT. For instance, I learned there is open mic comedy night at the Complex, but I’ve never been; I need to fix that. Similarly there are too many other events and places, I haven’t been to ever, or haven’t been to in too long.

In the coming weeks you can expect to find updates of new things I’ve done close to home. Also on the list is

  • Open mic poetry slam at Mo’s Grill
  • Go to the drum circle at Liberty Park
  • Check out Pig and a Jelly Jar
  • Go to Cafe Em’s
  • See the Utah Museum of Fine Arts
  • Check out the Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts
  • Go to the Downtown Farmer’s Market
  • Go to the Sugar House Farmer’s Market
  • Check out at least one of the music concert series this summer

For now travel is seemingly doing one new thing every week. And for now that’s enough adventure for this grounded gal.


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