Summer TV Time

Oh summer time, that awkward time when all the networks and stations await the finales to finally finish, then leave their audience used and wasted awaiting the start of summer showdowns.

Thank god, “Revenge” came along and proved that a delicious summer romp can still be good enough for regular season viewing. So this summer we have more dramatic looks and ridiculous reality TV.

In the lineup of the networks this summer, I am most excited for

“Trust Us With Your Life”–ABC

A group of celebrities will share their life stories as a group of improv actors acts out the story. I’m not sure how this will look in the end, but with a line up including Wayne Brady, Greg Proops and Nicole Parker improvising the life of Ricky Gervais, I’m pretty sure it will be funny.

“Saving Hope”–NBC

Hoping to steal some of ABC’s sleeper summer hits last year, I suppose NBC picked up this story about a surgeon in a coma who is stuck between life and death. It’s an interesting premise although it’s been explored to death in sci-fi fiction, I am curious how they’re going to build an entire series around one actor who by the shows own definition can only interact with the dead and nearly dead. Also I’m sad this show isn’t receiving a “Pushing Daisies” like treatment from director Brian Fuller. So I’ll tune in, but I expect to be disappointed.

Reality TV–CBS

There is absolutely nothing in the lineup that interests me this summer, so it will continue to be an unwatched network on my laptop. You had me with “Big Bang,” CSB, and then you got too racist, sexist and otherwise obnoxious, so I had to leave.

But let’s be real, the networks can do whatever they want. What I really can’t wait to watch this summer is “Breaking Bad,” “Suits” and “The Newsroom.” Pretty much AMC, USA and HBO can have all my time they want. Now if only I could figure out how to get paid to watch TV.



2 thoughts on “Summer TV Time

  1. I have just started watching “Girls” from HBO. It’s fantastically raunchy. It’s a surprisingly real depiction of a group of young adults living in NYC. Sounds like every other show doesn’t it? Well this is brilliant and real. Check it out.

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