Candy For Your Brain

Photo Courtesy of HealthyPro–This is me 90% of my life. TV. Cookie. Couch.

Some times it’s nice to just zone out to the crap on television while ignoring life.

In the category of amazingly awesome nothing-ness, I place most reality tv. Among my favorite networks for this fluff is

1. The Food Network

“Cupcake Wars,” “Next Food Network Star,” “Iron Chef America,” “Top Chef,” “Restaurant Impossible:” the list could go on to include nearly anything on the daily line up, particularly anything loosely based on the reality genre. This network is all about food all the time in the most bizarre, strange, delicious and food pornographic fantasy ways possible.

This is definitely my all-time favorite channel for leaving on all the time. A nice shot of food inspiration with overly happy people is a nice way to chill out.

2. The History Channel

Okay. Sometimes I like to pretend that the World War II channel is teaching me things, but then I think about what’s been covered in the past hour of programming and usually not much has actually stuck in my brain. It’s not a great tool for learning, but there are cool graphics and reenactments of stuff. Also the reality programming like “Top Shot” is pretty spectacular viewing. And you don’t even have to pretend to learn to justify watching it. People shoot guns! How is that NOT amazing?


The theme for this list is apparently stuff I can talk my mom into believing I may actually learn from. And HGTV is awesome.  I love the real estate shows like “House Hunters International.” I am completely taken in by property values and fascinated by other people’s priorities when choosing a home.

And some times the design tips are pretty stellar. In fact some of that stuff has been helpful in sprucing up my little apartment lately.

What are your favorite fluff shows or networks?


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