Wine is Lovely

I was going to review Blue Lemon, but the whole experience was so disappointing I don’t want to write anything beyond that. (Express Gourmet is not at all gourmet although it is very fast.)

So instead I’m going to tell you about this lovely wine I found from Argentina.

Here are some nice things about it:

1. It’s wine! It’s been awhile since I’ve had wine, and it’s just nice to feel fancy and drinking something out of a stemmed glass.

2. It’s a malbec, so it has a nice dryness that is currently pairing super awesomely with spicy hummus.

3.  I feel like a dick trying to tell you why I like this wine. It’s all so subjective, isn’t it?

4. It’s dry, earthy and light. Not much depth, a great red for summer in my opinion.

Truthfully, it tastes like a $12 malbec which is exactly what it is. I’m just so darn excited to be drinkin’ out of a stem glass and feelin’ fancy, I have to tell someone.

Thanks, internet.

P.S. I’m drinking a Gascon Malbec 2010, currently available at Utah Liquor Stores for $11.99.


2 thoughts on “Wine is Lovely

    • It wasn’t terrible, but it did fail to meet expectations. Between the price point, ($7.50 for a sandwich), the tagline (Express Gourmet) and the hype, I was expecting much more than what I got. I quickly received a thick turkey sandwich with guacamole on soft ciabatta bread; nothing about it was gourmet the sandwich was just as good as any deli.

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