First Impressions Are Not Impressive

Things I’ve been wondering about. How hard is it to change first impressions? In the premiere of Next Foodnetwork Star it seemed pretty apparent who the winners will be. And you know what, the top three this week will probably be the top three every week. It’s nearly impossible for someone who is well-liked in the begining not to make it the end. They have to seriously fuck up. Yell, throw a fit, make inedible food. It’s hard work to fail.

How often has this been true for me?

What does that mean if someone fails to impress immediately? Wasn’t that entirely the first challenge?

The best first impression wins.  Make a simple small dish, talk for 30 seconds about your food and self and win. Right?

So cartwheel guy and angry girl, you’re out. Neither of you managed to make delicious food and you both seemed terrified and terrifying. Sure, ROCKERchef will be back next week. But for how long? I don’t think he’ll last; between the soul patch and the mediocre food, Suzy and Bob don’t want him.

I watched the judges discussion of who stays and who goes thinking about how impossible it is for all of us to change our minds about each other (and ideas) once we’ve picked an opinion. (Bob actually said he couldn’t believe how differently he felt about Christy at one point.) Think about it how often do you change your mind about the people you around you?

In my own life, this little episode of reality TV has me thinking about my resumes and emails. Obviously as a first impression, what I’m doing isn’t working. I’ve reached out to mentors, family and friends for help. I’ve taken a careful look around, and I’ve concluded I’m unemployable.

But what if the real truth is I’m just not first impression impressable?

That’s a scary thought.

Especially when I’m working in a word-based industry, and its my own language that fails to get me in the door. That’s humiliating. No wonder I’m waiting tables to make ends meet.

I’m not quite sure what to do to fix this problem. My resume and cover letter have both undergone extensive rewriting, and maybe in the next few weeks I’ll see better results.

Of course, there’s always the name experiment. Perhaps if I appeared male and white, I’d make a better first impression like ROCHERchef.


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