Can we talk about “Community”?

If you aren’t watching “Community” (insanely comprehensive Wiki) yet, you should be.

This Dan Harmon creation is in the tail-end of its third season following Jeff (Joel McHale) and his ensemble crew compromised of insane, hilarious and lovable characters who regularly get in arguments over nothing, and survive community college together.

I’m not sure I can do the show justice by trying to explain it or my obsession. But it is hilarious. Dan Harmon got the idea for the show when he was attending community college and found himself suddenly caring for a group of people he would otherwise ignore. And it’s brillant.

From inception to execution, this show is an incredible mix of humor, heart and silliness. The dialogue is incredible, the actors are brillant and it seems everyone is always having a wonderful time bringing this show to its small, but devoted audience.

The show is always aware of itself as a TV show and never lets the audience forget it through the brillant use of Abed (Danny Pudi) a student with Asperger’s syndrome who relates to television more than life and often explains the situation in frequent pop culture references. Abed’s best buddy, Troy (Donald Glover) is always there for him, and together they team up for the most strange and wonderful adventures of “Community”.

Oscar winner Jim Rash plays Dean Pelton, who is more than flamboyantly confused in a wonderfully hilarious way that never loses sight of the Dean’s incredible empathy and drive to make Greendale better.

Yvette Brown as the Jesus-loving homemaker turned brownie baron, Shirley, is fabulous. She never fails to impress in any episode regardless of how much (or how little) screen time she has. In fact, the same could be said for the entire cast: Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie.

If  I have one complaint about this show, it’s that sometimes it feels a little too much like “The Adventures of Troy and Abed”. It’s fun, I love them, their relationship and their hijinks. But I also love Britta, Annie, Shirley and Jeff, and maybe even Pierce. Admittedly as the show has gone on, there has been more screen and script time for the other characters, too. I’m even pleased to see recent episodes focusing on side characters, and I’ll never forget the ep where Abed laid low.

At the end of a Thursday night, it’s an incredible show to watch, laugh along with and internet about Friday morning.

Hope you’re watching!


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