New site, new schedule

Welcome back!

After a long hiatus from the internets, I’m back. It’s a bit like going home I suppose. I’m refocusing this website as a place to showcase a wider range of my writing. (I hope longtime readers don’t mind.) I’ll still talk about my personal life, but probably less often and a bit more professionally.

I’m looking forward again to sharing tales of television, travel and life. If I learned anything during this long break from the internet, it’s that being connected online helps me feel connected off line. While I’m most likely selfishly writing as a cathartic practice in the hope of validation from friends, families and strangers, there is something therapeutic about this little space of mine; and I’d like to keep it.

I’ve restructured a few categories to keep on track for creating content six days a week. It’s a larger workload than I’ve felt comfortable with in the past. (I’m just overeager to get blogging again). But I promise, I’ll do my best to annoy you with my thoughts, life, photographs and whatever else.

Thank you for all your support!


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