New home

First of all, a giant thank you to everyone who has read my blog over the past two years, especially these past six months as I’ve traveled from Salt Lake City to South Korea and shared what is undoubtedly one of my  most life-changing experiences.

Now for the news, it’s a bit of a house-warming party over at Salt City Girl. I’m cautiously launching the new site today so that’s where you will find the latest updates and changes.

As you can see, the site is in a bit of rough shape right now. I plan to continue working on the site so more changes will be coming.

Once again if you’d like to keep up with my latest stories of mischief and mayhem, please update your RSS or blogroll to

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please don’t tell me goodbye, come say hello at my new online home.


2 thoughts on “New home

  1. Welcome back! You are consistent and persistent. I’m told that is what it takes to be a good journalist. Congratulations on becoming at least a little South Korean.

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