It’s moving time

So bring over your whiskey and beer.

I’ve been thinking about this little blog o’ mine lately and I want to make changes. My ultimate goal is to be a full-time writer. I want to travel and work from around the world. I want to create something that better represents me as a writer, traveler, food-lover and sometimes photographer.

Right now I’ve got a decent blog going as a daily outlet for writing of all sorts, but I’ve never done anything to make it profitable. As my other freelance work is starting to pick up, it’s starting to feel like this blog isn’t worth my time financially.

I love you, little blog. I don’t want to leave you over a silly thing like money so I’m going to try and make you work for me. Just a little.

This means I will be purchasing a domain or two and selling some ad space. I plan to make a few additions, other than ads, to the site too. I hope you like them!

For now I plan on keeping the name of the blog the same. The City of Salt will always be my first metropolis love. (Admit it! You totally laughed when I called SLC a metropolis. Gwen chan nae oh.)

If you have any suggestions, ideas or just want to share your thoughts on the blog, please comment away.

Ack! I almost forgot I plan on launching the new site around March 7-ish. There now we both have a deadline. Phew.


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