I’m craving vacation

…and a mint julep.

Thankfully vacation is just four working days away. For some reason, my vacation plans are starting to sound a lot like Liz Lemon’s dream vacation cocktails, hot waiters and socks on the beach. (Season 3 Episode 8 and too hard for me to find a clip of on YouTube.) I will have cocktails and I will have socks, although the food-delivering turtle might be a stretch.

I have a feeling a decent julep might be further away. (How great is the word “julep”? Say “julep” out loud once and you’ll feel Kentucky Derby ready.)

The Cocktail Guru isn’t helping.

What do you think my chances are of finding a bar in Korea with Mint Julep on the menu?

Hmm…I think I’ll have to make this one myself. Thankfully whiskey is easy to come by at any convenience store. Sugar and club soda and ice should be just as convenient. I bet even a muddler won’t be hard to find. It’s the mint I’ll have to be on the look out for.

If you happen to hear of any resorts with beach service turtles and mint juleps, let me know.


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