Eggs, eggs everywhere

“How can you not love a country that serves eggs with every meal?” I asked as John, Hannah and I dug into our own dish off steamed eggs to accompany our beer.

I’d never given much thought to eggs. Generally I liked them. I have a preference for fried over scrambled and fresh over store-bought. But otherwise eggs didn’t play a big part in the cuisine of my day. Until I came to Korea and now eggs are everywhere.

Egg salad in a sandwich. Scrambled eggs in a wrap. Fried eggs in bibimbap. Scrambled eggs in kimbap. Steamed eggs on the side. Eggs are served with nearly every meal.

I love the steamed eggs so much I’ve committed to buying a stone bowl just so I can learn to make them. I suppose they’re something like a quiche only lighter, fluffier and better.

Everyday I look no farther than the fresh brown chicken eggs of Chungju for my daily protein fix. I love those yellow-centered white orbs more than I my heart would like. I love ’em, gosh darn it, especially when the egg smiles at me from a bowl of sticky white rice.


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