T-Minus two weeks

I can honestly say between the cold and the cold, I haven’t been up to much traveling this week. However it hasn’t stopped me from planning away. In two weeks, I will have seven glorious days all to myself to explore Busan and Jeju-do.

Busan is South Korea’s second largest city with a population right around 4 million. I’m excited to make my way to this coastal city that some describe as the San Diego of Korea. Although I’ll be there in frigid February, I’m looking forward to some hardcore relaxing with plans for a beach and jimjimbang.

From there I will take a quick plane ride down to Jeju-do. A lovely little island south of Korea, that is most famous for Loveland and Hallasan. I have every intention of checking out both sites before jumping on the last plane back to Cheongju.

My wintery travels are bound to be an excellent adventure. No promises on blogging Februrary 2-9 though.


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