Drinking to KPop

The internet can be a dark and dangerous place for those who don’t search carefully. One of darkest corners, which can quickly turn creepy, weird, bizarre and sexual (usually all  at once) is fanfiction. I’m sure most of you know what fanfiction is so you can skip to the link, but my mom doesn’t, so uhh…Mom, just don’t click the link.

Look! Everyone! (Except Mom!) It’s KPop fanfiction!

If that’s not enough to make you want to party, let’s take a look at some delicious Big Bang I found on the blessed internets tonight.

That’s Big Bang with “Beautiful Hangover.” Oh yeah! Give me that vodka and stare soulfully into the camera as you walk. so. slowly. Boys, any hangover with you is bound to be beautiful.

What do you think the chances are of me being the next “white girl” in a G-Dragon, TOP music video?

Thankfully dancing doesn’t seem to be a requirement. Who knows what might happen during a party weekend in Seoul?

What?! Don’t tell me I’m the only one who hears those tunes and craves kiwi soju.

And TOP.


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