Everything is…cute

Korea is trying to kill me with cuteness.

It’s not enough for snow hats to be made to look like animals. Oh no, even sweet treats are dolled up to be as adorable as possible before consumption. Everything from stationary to pens to notebooks are coated with characters to add a touch of cute to everyday tasks. The cuteness doesn’t stop there.

That’s hardly the beginning. I’m in a country where couple shirts, couple rings, couple track suits even are the order of the day. Clearly there is no better way to publicly declare your love than dressing to match.

It keeps going. The cuteness continues right past how people dress and enters into household items. Would you like a Peter Rabbit dinner plate? Uhh…what? That’s right. Every item for your house is usually adorned in some vestige of cute to add to the overall adorableness of everything.

It’s not enough for cute couples, cute children and cute housewares to fill my life. Oh no, even the coffee shops are cute. Each and every coffee shop is decorated to look as though it came out of a story book.

The latest casualty of cute is “Suave: A Flower Coffee Shop” the name hardly begins to describe it. The small space has delightful wood tables, like something you would expect to see in a Thomas Kinkade cabin. (I know, I know you hate Thomas Kinkade, but hang with me here.) The shabby chic cute is concentrated in the center of the shop simply overflowing with plant life and fresh cut flowers. It’s not enough for the beautiful flowers to be the centerpiece of the room. Bouquets flow onto the tables and counters in the closet-sized space.

Those are just a few examples all the ways cute has exploded into the motif of my Korea life. I’m finding myself adoring all the cuteness and purchasing far too many things (like animal snow hats) for their cute factor rather than their practicality or necessity in my life.

If cuteness could cure an everlasting cold, I’d be healthy the second I snuggled my teddy bear.


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