The best of 2010

My 10 most-read posts from the past year of blogging.

1. Everything is…misogynistic (Part 2)

The one where a man grabs my boob. Most of the reads came from a link at The Grand Narrative.

2. Korean men and me

Two stories about meeting potential partners on the peninsula.

3. Korean men and me, once more

Bitching about dating. Why else would you read this blog?

4. Everything is…misogynistic

A rant about less than women-friendly Korea. (Although I have since discovered birth control for cheap available at all pharmacies. You just have to ask!)

5. Doppelganger

The first time I am compared to Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts. It proves not to be the last.

6. Everything is…racist (Part 1)

A day in the life of a single white woman in Chungju, South Korea.

7. One last time

Anger, confusion and hurt at an ex-boyfriend’s announcement he has moved on.

8. Lost in Chungju

Getting my bearings in my Korean hometown

9. Decision time

Readers voted on where I went next. This is how I ended up in Bangkok at the end of 2010.

10. Oranges smell like Christmas

Meandering memories of oranges, school lunches, family and Christmases from the ROK.

Can we agree 2010 was one crazy year? So much misogyny, racism, dating woes and travel, in just 12 months. Here’s to hoping 2011 continues the ride (preferably without misogyny and racism). I’ll drink to that.

Thank you for sharing this year with me. May you have a wonderful 2011.


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