Everything is…love

Despite the frustrations of this week, I’m going to focus on the good things to start my first solo trip off on a positive (and hopefully lasting) note.

1. Boss Lady

Without a doubt, my boss is one of the kindest most generous women I have ever met. If it weren’t for her help, I would not be typing this post from the airport. And it’s likely the title would be “Everything is…hate.” I’m so lucky I ended up at a hagwon with a boss who takes her teachers under their wing and ensures they are cared for every day.

2. Mom and Sister

The immediate response they both sent letting me know they cared and would do what they could to help me was incredible. Sister already canceled my credit cards. How’s that for awesome? Even though, I wish we had never had to send those emails, it was a nice reminder of how much my family loves me and how much I love them.

3. Jeong

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but there is no other way to describe the generosity of Koreans. They are so willing to care for one another and even a lost wayguk.

On the bus today, we stopped for a quick break. The driver waited for me, then came to the bathroom to yell at me (nicely) that it was time to go. He even tried to tell me in English. I can’t imagine a UTA driver waiting for the slow person like.

At the airport, I’ve talked with three immigration agents, all agree I need a new alien registration card. But they’ve let me continue on to Bangkok even though Korean governement has serious concerns about foreigners living here.

That’s how much people have gone out of their way for me today. I’ve been awake for four hours. Holy crap, people! I’m going to start crying if you keep this up.

You knew I couldn’t mention love without KPop.


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