A food blog?

What once started as a food blog has evolved into a much more personal journal of my thoughts and experiences. And now I’m at a crossroads.

Since coming to Korea I’ve developed a sort of-ish schedule for the blog. Not that I bothered to tell because there were often deviations from the “schedule.” It was more a loose guideline to help myself generate ideas and pay attention to the things I knew I would be blogging about. Because of this loose schedule Monday was usually food day.

This meant I would post a recipe from something I made or review a local restaurant. Now that I’m in Korea, I find my reviews are far less useful as most of my readers are in the States and the sheer number of places to eat makes it unnecessary for anyone, but me, to read reviews about the restaurants in my area. I’ve also come to the realization that the food posts are by far my least read.

So I’m not sure what to do.

I love talking about food. I love eating food. I love cooking food. I love sharing my passion for food.

I just don’t know if this is the best way to do that anymore. It seems like most readers are interested in my thoughts on dating in Korea and photos. Pretty much, readers have the attention of a goldfish and they only want to know the sexy bits. (Haha! I love it.)

I might continue to talk about food. I’m not quite sure I’m out of the stage of my life where I need to talk about food to confirm and understand my relationship with it. I’ve come along way with my food relationship since 2008. I’m pretty proud of myself for going from being terrified of spinach to a willingness to eat silk worm larvae. (I so don’t suggest trying them more than once.)

So for now I’m leaving you with a Monday posting about my blog.

Any suggestions for what you would like to read more about would be wonderful.

What do you think I should do?


6 thoughts on “A food blog?

  1. I think at this point, people are more interested in Korea and your adventures then food, even though hearing about food in Korea is fun and interesting. Believing that most of your readers will continue to read this blog once you return and get back into ‘food blogging’, you should continue what you are doing with the blog.

  2. I LOVE the food writing. you’re one of the few bloggers I actually know (like IRL) who can pull it off.

    Not that I don’t like other things, but I do like the food stuff. Maybe people don’t read the rest of the recipes? IDK. I’m trying to reel back from too much confessionalismnish.

  3. Food is a part of the whole cultural immersion. It let’s us engage other senses to imagine what’s happening. Tell us about something you didn’t like the first taste of but now have acquired a taste for. After you get back I, we can go to a Korean restaurant and you to introduce me to new acceptable flavors.

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