Northern neighbors

I’d love to take my usual Wednesday drinking day and share one of my favorite local cocktails with you today. But I’m going to put aside my penchant for booze to reassure you I am safe in the Land of Morning Calm.

You’ve probably heard by now that North Korea fired on South Korea. The North fired at a small island called Yeonpyeong. North Korea apparently was upset that the South Korean military was practicing some marine drills so close to the disputed maritime border. So they took the offense as cause to fire some 200 rounds at the South Korean military. Two marines were killed. Two civilians were killed. 18 people were injured; civilians among them. South Korea fired back and no one knows what losses or harm the North Korean military dealt with.The entire incident lasted an hour or so and at this point happened more than 48 hours ago.

Most South Korean seem to believe the North is simply posturing and trying to remind the rest of the world they are still around and can get the world’s attention if necessary. Hannah has an interesting analysis on the situation you can read here. Her statements closely parallel what I believe the situation to be.

But what happens the day after these two countries exchange enemy fire?

I woke up not sure if the world should be different after yesterday’s shelling. I didn’t quite know what to expect. Chungju seemed a bit quieter this morning. The men talking in the streets a bit more somber. The music from the cafes and shops muted. There were fewer people out on the streets. The world was cloaked in the gray clouds of a cold winter morning. Then it occurred that chances are high on any gray cloudy cold winter day people are just less likely to be outside having a good time.

And after eight hours of teaching, grading and entertaining children, it seems life will go on as usual here. The military exchange is just another event in the ongoing drama between North and South Korea.

I feel safe walking down the streets here. That didn’t change overnight. The air raid sirens were silent today. That didn’t change overnight. In fact the only change, I detected was that Cafe Bene decided to put up freakin’ Christmas decorations this morning so I had to endure Christmas carols on my walk to work today. Boo!

I’d rather listen to Lollipop.


The Technicolor visions you are experiencing will fade.


I’m fine and the Koreas are at the same standstill they’ve been at since 1953. If  the experts are to be believed, I’ll be safe for the remainder of my contract.


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