Jamie, Ray and I took our shoes off and sat down on the warm wooden floor. Across from us were two older men. The man on the left, Lance, is a good friend of Jamie’s. He immediately introduced me to the man on the right as, “Brother in-law.”

Brother in-law apologized for not speaking English very well. Then proceeded to shamelessly flirt with me all while asking Jamie to work as our translator over a giant bowl of beef rib stew. After we had a few bites of spicy beef ribs, we drank a shot of soju. Brother in-law looked at me. “Oh, you Angelina Jolie!” He exclaimed pointing at me happily grinning.

“Thank you,” I smiled as I shoved another bite of spicy food in my mouth to kill the taste of soju.

Jamie translated, “He says you look like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.” I laughed.

“Guns?” asked Brother in -law.

“Anio,” I answered shaking my head and laughing.

We continued to eat our way through the rice and spicy ribs while discussing the only things Brother in-law and Lance knew about Utah. Mormons and the Jazz.

“Oh!” exclaimed Brother in-law pointing at me again. “Julia Roberts.” This time he can’t contain himself and he starts giggling while rapidly talking to Jamie.

Jamie continued to translate, “He says he was confused before. You don’t like Angelina Jolie. You look like Julia Roberts. No, wait. Okay. You have Angelina’s body and Julia’s smile.”

“Thank you,” I say. “Kamsahamnida.” I laughed. Then raised my shot glass of soju and shouted, “One shot!”

What do you think? A chimera of Angelina and Julia? Or is that the soju talking?

This is what I look like most days

Update: Just a few days after posting this story, I overheard two of my students saying, “Angelina.” When I told them to be quiet and listen to the lesson, one of the boys said, “But teacher you look like Angelina Jolie.”


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