If you ever find yourself in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea there are two tourist sites you will hear about: Suanbo and Chungju Lake. I have every intention to check out Suanbo sometime this winter. Since Neighbor Lad’s suggestion that it would be awesome to sit in hot springs in the winter, I can’t imagine going before the snow falls.

However the same insane desire didn’t prevent me from making it to Chungju Lake for a ferry ride.

Autumn is gorgeous here. The leaves change to brilliant golds, reds and oranges slowly showing their final beauty. The locals call it danpung. Autumn is truly the best time to be in Korea, especially in the warm afternoons. As a special treat, Mr. Sunshine decided to join us and there was finally blue sky and sunshine for me to soak in as much Vitamin D as I could.

There were plenty of seats inside the ferry, but I wanted to be outside absorbing it all so I was left to stand for the 45 minute ride since every tourist made for the top deck, fresh air and sunshine. We talked with some nice tourists from Seoul and even got our picture taken with and by a couple of them. The ferry is a great experience and shouldn’t be missed if you ever find yourself near Chungju-si.

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