Hangin’ with Ebert

12 Angry Men still from Jockette Journal

I have quite a bit of free time on my hands these days and I figure I may as well spend my free time doing the things I love. This means there’s a lot of TV and film goin’ on over here.

I started my film coma by enlisting Roger Ebert’s help. His Twitter has totally got me crushing on him. If he ever decides he needs a sidekick, I’m totally there.

I dug up his 100 Greatest Movies list. I’ve decided to power on through alphabetically, skipping the movies I’ve already seen. So far I’ve watched 12 Angry Men, Ace in the Hole, Adaptation, Adventures of Robin Hood and After Dark, My Sweet.

They were all great! (Hey-oh! Thank you, Captain.)

Although I extra-loved Adaptation because it’s about a screenwriter. And holy shit! Nic Cage can act! You didn’t know that, did you? See now you have to watch the movie because it might just be the miracle you’ve been missing.

The Adventures of Robin Hood was adorable. It’s just so happy to be a movie. Ebert talks about it’s innocence and sincerity contributing to it’s greatness and I would have to agree. The film is refreshingly uncomplicated. It’s like an old Western, only not. I loved this movie. It will be forced upon young children.

Finally I have to give extra love to Ace in the Hole. First of all it’s about journalism which is super cool. And Kirk Douglas. He’s bad ass. Also it’s wonderfully awesome in it’s willingness to show people beautifully at their worst. If you like black and white film, you should see this film. If you like journalism, you should see this film. Hell if you just like gorgeous men looking stoic, you should see this film.

Once I get through the Bs, I’ll let you know if the greatness is holding up.

Any other great movies out there, I shouldn’t miss?

Image from Jockette Journal.


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