Different club, different city

Shortly after midnight, the rock concert was shut down. The Facebook word is that the neighbors complained of the noise so the cops put an end to the party.

I found a few Chungju friends so we (eventually) made out way to a street with an open taxi. We first walked to the main street right outside the festival where hundreds of other foreigners where waiting in groups for taxis. Not surprisingly the large group of drunken strangers, encouraged most taxi drivers to keep driving. After a half an hour and the realization that no taxi driver is going to stop for us, we slowly made out way across a park and a bridge to another street. There we finally hailed a taxi with the appropriate hand wave and piled in for the drive to Time World.

After some lost wanderings around Downtown Daejeon, we found Cocoon. The draw being as my Korean teacher put it, “10,000 won cover and free beer all night.”(He’s not really my Korean teacher. The title comes from a story of gullibility on my part and his willingness to exploit that. Although he does know a bit more Korean than I do.) We got there and paid the 12,000 won cover for a lovely stamp and moved into the sweaty heat, flashing lights, fog machines and techno music that is any club the world over. I vote humanity finds better music, but whatever.

We made our way to the free beer and with paper cups in hand joined the dance floor. Again there was a lot of jerky Korean dance moves going on. So I spent a lot of time giggling at the white people (seriously there were a lot of foreigners) and their bad dance moves and the Koreans and their bad dance moves. I was even treated to two girls standing across from each other and doing sexy dance at one point in the night. My Korean teacher asked if I liked this club more than my nightclub hijinks with Linda and the answer is yes. It’s closer to what I’m used to and expect from a club, but it’s still not my ideal Saturday night spot. (I would like Long Islands and Dean Winchester, please.)

After a few minutes of dancing, Beard was anxious to show of his rave dance skills and hopped on stage with his glow sticks. After busting out a few moves, he got wild applause before joining the rest of us for more beer. The whole group of us went up on stage next where I totally rocked it out with two women. I’m loving the weirdness that is Korean dance clubs. You don’t have to do much it seems and the crowd will applaud. It was fun showin’ of my ridiculous moves for a couple of minutes.

When the song ended, I headed off stage and tried to blend into the crowd. I started dancing near the stage being all, “Oh yeah, I’m cool. Dancing by myself.” Then this cute guy comes over and says, “Dance?”

I nod and we start dancing together. Because he’s cute, it’s three in the morning and I might just be a bit tipsy so I’m primed for bad decision-making. (Or at least decisions that make me wish I blogged annonymously.) After a few minutes, we start making out and I realize this is bad like really bad. This is the worst kissing in my life! And this guy is young! I feel kind of gross kissing someone so young. Ew! So what’s a girl to do? Tell some 20-year-old university student that he can’t kiss? Please! That requires talking.

So I did the most passive thing I could think of. I went to the bathroom. Then I didn’t come back. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to mind as I never saw him looking for me though I did shove myself in the middle of some foreigners just in case. I chilled out with Chiner and Beard for a few minutes before we headed back out to the dance floor.

Thanks, Cocoon for a wild night out and “free” beer.


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