The ESL crew and I decided to head to Seoraksan one gorgeous autumn weekend.

We took off from Chungju and decided to take the scenic route to Gangyang that would allow us to stop at the beach in Sokcho. Things started off quietly enough. We shared some chuseok treats of puffed rice and honey, crackers and other roadtrip foods. Pretty soon we stopped by a rest area. Rest areas in Korea are just incredible. These places are huge–with kiosks, shops, restaurants, super markets and gas stations. I’m always amazed by the number of people and business going on here.

After James walked his dog, Draco, we headed out for the penis museum.

Yes, that says penis.

Jamie couldn’t quite remember where it was, since he had’nt been there for ten years. This led to an interesting discussion about how everything Jamie has ever done in Korea happened ten years ago. The day he arrived here; he did everything.

We found the penis museum fairly easily. For some reason giant colorful totems of dicks with faces are easy to spot alongside a highway. We poked around for a few minutes. I was in complete shock by how many people seemed to be here, not for the giggles, but for something else. I still can’t quite figure this out. But some people seemed to be taking the pit stop very seriously. Anna told me that there is a belief among some Koreans that by touching a phallic shaped object a woman’s fertility is increased as well as her chances of having a boy. I guess that explains the line waiting to sit on a giant stone dong.  I picked up a couple of postcards for the novelty although I’ve been told these penis museums are not all that uncommon here.

Once we’d had enough dick for the day, we got back in the car to Seoraksan. We headed up the craggy, green mountains. I couldn’t stop staring at the world around me. It was just so beautiful. Seoraksan is one of the world’s most beautiful places. We passed rivers, lakes, valleys and high mountains. We slowly made out way up the mountains going higher, higher into the range. Pretty soon we met up with Ray.

He was driving a Corvette. The beautiful gray ride belongs to his dad. He likes to race on the weekends. And I was lucky enough to get a ride for a couple hours in the beautiful baby with the top down as we drove through the mountains to the east coast of South Korea. We headed through tunnels with bright orange lights. Then we went through an long, long tunnel. I was beginning to wonder when it would end when we flew out into the light and there was Sokcho.


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