Every so often the guys and gals of Chungju get together for a night of poker. Sometimes at a bar, until we found out that was illegal, and now at the homes of those lucky enough to have a place big enough to hold 10 or so English teachers.

I have to admit I’m not much of a poker player myself. But I play a decent hand. (Here’s a shout out to Big E for teaching me Texas Hold ‘Em first.) Our first night I was surprised to win the pot. I think I won because I had the stubborness to stick around until 4 a.m. just to see what Dana was holding on to.

Sadly my beginner’s luck has more than run out as I’ve lost in all successive games. I still enjoy hanging out with the posse for a decent hand or two. And of course, on this particular night, I fell in love with KGB Cranberry. That’s right it’s a bottled Cape Cod. I was so happy to have vodka again I dished out a whole $5 each for these babies. They were surprisingly good although sadly lacking in lime. Not bad for a bottled girl drink and an improvement over the beer.

After I lost, Canada Matt gave me my first scooter ride. It was pretty sweet! Now I want a scooter too. Do you think it will be worth it?


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