Among the many franchises and chains I’ve discovered in Korea, Tous les Jours is my least favorite.

It’s something like Paris Baguette. The idea is to bring European pastries to Asia. The pastries are slightly modified to fit the available produce and taste buds. I walked through the doors of one Tous les Jours and I was NOT be greeted by the staff. I’ve gotten so used to the requisite “angyanghasyeo” I paused for a moment, unsure if the shop was open.

I saw the basta (barista) at the counter texting or watching TV on her phone. Teenagers are teenagers the world over. I sighed and looked at the day’s selection. The pastries were beautiful. I was excited to try out their mandu,  a pizza looking thing and a red bean sweet.

Once I was to the counter I asked for coffee, “copee juseyo.” The basta didn’t say anything except to ask for ochee. Umm…okay. So I handed over some money and thought about where I could go for coffee.

I ended up heading back to Salpresso for a coffee, then going to the park next door to enjoy my mandu, pizza and coffee. The coffee was wonderful, adding consistency to my list of good for Salpresso. The drink proved the best part of my meal.

I love all the parks and enjoyed basking in the sun taking silly photos while I ate the mandu. Unfortunately the mandu and pizza were not very good. I had a third pastry that’s sort of like a hamburger bun filled with whipped cream and red bean paste. All of these pastries just didn’t compare to Paris Baguette. The bread seemed uniformly stale. And all three were surprisingly bland. How you make kimchi bland I do not know, but Tous les Jours found a way.

Needless to say that is my first and last visit to Tous les Jours. At least I had the chance to enjoy the sun and the park.


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