An all-American barbecue

served with a generous heaping of Canadian and Korean.

On a quiet weekend, we had a gathering of foreigners for a barbecue at Dana’s house. Ray and I were the first to arrive at 8 p.m. for a dinner schedule to begin at 7 p.m. Ray assures me this is typical Korean behavior and as far as the rest of my experiences go I would agree. (I choose to see this as proof that people can be productive without waking up at dawn.)

The view of Chungju was incredible! Night was coming, but I had to take a few photos even though my camera hates dusk. I also got to hang out with Coolio (Coolio means something similar to slut in Korean). She is a gorgeous red-haired poodle belonging to Ray. She had a great time running around barking at the neighboring dogs before the other guests arrived. I had a great time yelling, “Come here, Slut.”

We opened a few beers. I drank my lovely Hoegaarden. It’s frothy, light and sweet. And as Ray pointed out gives clear instructions in English on how to drink with a lot of head. It has a nice floral scent to it and none of the musk I’ve come to expect from Korean beers.

Dana and Dallas barbecued some hotdogs and hamburgers. They were both delicious. I was surprised to have something so very American so far from America. Adding of course to the fun, is the fact that both Dana and Dallas are Canadian and to go with our barbecue we also had bulgogi. Mina barbecued some pork for us as well. It was delicious! I love bulgogi. It’s one of those things, like mandu, I want to take home with me. It’s just amazing!

We also had some cream-filled bread from Paris Baguette. Followed by more beer and some awesome music.

Then in true Korean fashion, we met up with more people at a bar afterwards. We went to Second Floor in downtown Chungju. It was fun! The bar tried very hard to be imported American hip-hop. They even went so far as to have graffiti on the walls and ceiling. The graffiti doubled as ads for beer, but it’s the attempt that counts, right?

I finally met Neighbor Boy-who likes to sing to himself-Scott is a very nice Brit from somewhere near Manchester. It’s always nice to know there’s someone nearby to hang out with.

After some dancing, we were serenaded by some K-boy rap. They were much better than I expected. In fact, the one man had such a deep voice I was surprised to hear him. I was suitably impressed by the end of the first song. Then they went ahead and did some Eminem (the only rap I know) and they were even better. Between the three of them, I couldn’t believe how good they were

After the end of a long week, a barbecue turned rap concert felt just right.


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