Iced tea

I was exhausted and thirtsty as the temperature neared 90 and the humidity hung around 85%.

I picked up this bottle of iced tea from the corner store and made my sweaty way to work. I opened the bottle anticpating the sweet tang of a cold tea and I was met with corn? Corn syrup? Thin corn syrup?

I’m not sure what exactly this drink is, but there’s definitely corn in there. I’ve had other versions of corn tea since I’ve been here. Served hot the tea is okay. It’s definitely different and sweetened an absurd amount, but it is drinkable.

Iced or served cold–it’s intolerable. Maybe it’s because I was expecting iced tea made from tea, but the corn is terrible. I like corn. I’ll eat corn plain, on my pizza, in my soup, in my rice–there are many other applications for corn I’ve found in Korea I’m okay with. But corn iced tea is not one of them.

There’s one purchase I’ll never make again. Thanks corn tea for helping me save money.


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