Daniel and I went on a walk exploring one of his favorite places in Chungju.

The Hoamji Reservoir is right on the edge of Chungju. The reservoir is surrounded by a park area absolutely full of exercise equipment and exercisers. I successfully crossed the monkey bars! They even have speakers strung up throughout the park so a local radio station plays–no need for an iPod here!

I also played with the pit full of beads. People walk through these beads to massage their feet. After my walk through the beads, my feet felt strange and tingly. It’s definitely some kind of massage.

The reservoir was gorgeous. I couldn’t get over the huge sunflowers, trees and bushes lining the walkway. The trees are so lush they look like fake Christmas trees to me. I could just stare at the plant life for hours.

The reservoir itself has a fountain built-in. It goes off every hour or so in a cool water show in the style of the Bellagio, but scaled back. It was relaxing to sit on the shore and watch the water show.


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