A look a Chungju-si

I took these photos while exploring downtown Chungju.

I’m still fascinated by all the rivers, creeks, lakes and other bodies of water around here. There are two main rivers going right through Chungju. The banks are absolutely coated with flowers and greenery in the summer. The plant life keeps my eyes on the ground.

The power lines make me stare up. All of the power lines and phone lines running through the sky make me think of Mexico. Not only that, the height of all the buildings still surprise me. The only thing to discern downtown from the rest of Chungju is that it is in the center of town. It’s not like the States where most of the cities tallest buildings are centered in downtown. Nope, all buildings are tall. Downtown just happens to be the towers in the middle.

I’m fascinated, too, by the Koreans dedication to health. Every city has gyms and parks full of work out equipment. It still cracks me up to see middle aged men lifting weights together in the middle of a park as other groups pass them by running around the track.

Finally the monument is pretty typical of my experience in Korea. It seems like around every corner there is an artwork or monument. They are usually dedicated to interesting men who have lived in the area. This one is dedicated to one of the most renowned calligraphers from the 1500s. He lived in Chungju and was noted for the beauty of his writings.


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