One of my favorite things about South Korea has to be how cheap food is. After a long day of exploring Chungju, I swung by Lotte Mart where I picked up a few mandu for just 3,000 won (about $2.50).

These steamed Korean dumplings are stuffed with flavor. Most seem to be stuffed with pork and a blend of spices, but I’ve had some stuffed with kimchi as well. Mandu is one of my favorite foods I’ve discovered since I’ve been here. Although these ones weren’t the best I’ve had, they were still pretty good.

The rice dough is tasty although the texture takes a little getting used to. I think the steaming makes the dough extra chewy. But once I got past the texture, I couldn’t get enough of these delicious dumplings.

The spicy pork is flavorful. There are loads of peppers and herbs mixed in with the pork. I’ve definitely started paying attention to mixing chillis for different levels of heat, spice and flavor. These ones were extremely mild with just a hint of chili.

Between the mandu and the sunset, it was a perfect ending to a fantastic day.


5 thoughts on “Mandu

  1. Well that just sounds delightful and delicious, my darling! Where did you take the sunset pictures? Is that where your doing athletic type activities? Are you still looking both ways before you cross the street? Have you ever shot two guns while jumping through the air?

    Anyways. I’m glad your getting lots of cheap yummy food and I miss you!

    ps- I fell in love with a new British tv show last weekend. So. Be sad your missing the accent.

    -ta, Ava

    • I stopped at one of the many parks in Chungju. Every park is equipped with exercise gear and people go there to work out–kind of like a gym. Instead of acting like a local and working out, I sat in a pagoda and gorged on mandu, drank some wine and took photos.

      Yes, I look both ways. No, I haven’t ever shot two guns–I’m not that cool.

      And if I miss the accent too much, I’ll go find a British foreigner.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. You can’t outsource my fake britishness! All of the charm will be lost in the authenticity! You’ll just have to skype me for the real(but not) deal. Also, I totally approve of the drinking in public.

  3. That looks scrumptious! It looks like such a pretty pretty place! I hope I can find a time to sype with you soon. It will probably be sometime after I move next week! MISS YOU!

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