C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”

I finally read one of the classics.

I was thrilled to find a communal pile of books here in Chungju collected by the foreigners who travel through the area. The first book I read from the ragtag library of wanderes was “The Screwtape Letters.” When I started reading the book, I was unsure what to expect. I knew the book was consider a classic and a religious satire, but I still felt surprised.

Lewis was much funnier than I anticipated. there were definitely moments where I was litterally giggling madly to myself like an idiot–in the park, at school and at home. The first few chapters read quickly and easily as I became enthralled with the unraveling story of Wormwood, Screwtape and the soul they are tyring to devour. I was so engrossed I took the book to work with me and read inbetween classes. (Something I haven’t done since high school.)

However near the end of the book, I became exhausted by the underlined lifee advice from a devout Christian. (The underlines were put there by previous readers.) I did find some of Lewis’ insight profound. And I did think it was interesting, but it became exhuasting to have so much doctirne pushed at me. Even if the book was clever and funny, I think I should’ve prepared myself more for the religious lesson I was in for.

The story itself was fun. I enjoyed it a great deal. But when I got to the back of the book, there was an addition where Screwtape addresses Hell’s graduating class of demons, I couldn’t read it. I just couldn’t put up wiht more of Lewis’ lessons on how to be a good Christian.

And now I wonder if the book would be considered a classic if the world had fewer Christians. Thoughts?


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