An excuse to say, “bong.”

After the dive bar, James and Jamie decided I had to experience a noraebang for a truly Korean night. A noraebang is a karaoke bar where each group rents their own room for an hour or more to sing horribly in a more private setting. Bang (pronounced bong) is Korean for room.

We rented a room for an hour where we were supplied with plenty of beer and popcorn to set the mood. The room is lined with booths on either side with a TV at each end of the room. There are over 5,000 songs to choose from including plenty of American pop culture choices.

I had great photos and videos from the night, but they were lost in the transfer between Nikon’s Image Capture and Apple’s iPhoto. I’ve checked everywhere. They are gone forever. So please just use your imagination.

Jamie started us off with “Black Hole Sun,” which set the mood for an entire night of 90s pop. There was even some old school rap. Of course the highlight was probably, “Under the Sea,” which not surprisingly earned us the high score of the night with 100 points. Apparently watching a movie a million times as a kid sets you up to remember all the lyrics as an adult.

Ray and Mina were by far the best singers of the group though they limited themselves to singing just twice. For mysterious reasons, the three Americans (James, Jamie and myself) were the most excited about singing the most ridiculous songs.

The noraebang was much more fun than I expected it to be and I would love to go again. Of course, I would also love to see them imported to the U.S. in true Korean style.


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