Go through The Red Door

The Red Door at 57 West 200 South in Downtown Salt Lake City

The Red Door calls itself a martini and whiskey lounge.

The extensive menu certainly proves that true. The swank space is outfitted with several murals including one of Che Guevara and a drink named in his honor. Lil tried out the fruity concoction. It was good, but perhaps a little too much grapefruit for me.

I started the night off with a dirty gin martini. It was lovely and just the way I expected it to be. However my eyes kept being drawn to the Bootlegger’s Mistress which features High West Distillery’s whiskey. So I ordered one and I loved it!

It’s a blackberry smoothie with whiskey! Served in a mason jar! It was the coolest drink. I felt like a flapper sipping it on the oh-so-awesome patio out front.

Fluffy ordered the espresso martini from the decadent menu. The drink was outstanding chocolate-y, coffee goodness just waiting to be sipped.

Ava had an orange martini that was just a bit too sweet. As Fluffy put it, “I can’t taste the alcohol. And I want to.” Then she went for Liquid Sin. I’m not sure what I was expecting from this drink, but this wasn’t it. It was sweet and alchy and I imagine Ava loved it because she drank it. It just didn’t quite fit with the expectation in my mind.

Manfriend also had Highland Park neat. So it tasted like whiskey. It’s a nice whiskey, smooth and warm. But it’s still whiskey, by itself, in a glass and that’s a little overwhelming to me.

Fluffy and I finished the night with tequila shots. Brother Dave, the bartender, hooked us up with some awesome shot glasses. Fluffy said they reminded him of absinthe glasses. I would have to agree they were pretty cool. We went with the Patron Silver. It was tasty and savory with the salt and the lime. Hmm…

The Red Door was a fantastic little lounge. I had a wonderful time with my awesome friends. If you ever feel like a night out where drinking and chatting with friends is what you want, The Red Door is a great place for you. The one down side is that drinks are a little more expensive and will run about $9 a cocktail.

Why yes! I’ll have two.

Enjoy this purple delicious-ness at The Red Door

People always forget to tell you just how pretty alcohol and a sunset can be.


2 thoughts on “Go through The Red Door

  1. eh. “red door” always reminds me of the crappy elizabeth arden perfume my mom always wore growing up. the drinks sound fun!

    i get ragged on for not being able to drink straight whiskey as well.

    this place looks fun tho!

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